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We’re still up and running and are delighted to offer this new article by Lewis Magruder (Miami University of Oho)–A Two-Person Improvisational Exercise.  Many of you will be familiar with this Meisner-inspired exercise, but this article provides sound instructional advice, coupled with some very interesting observations.  We hope that you enjoy it, and encourage you to comment on it.

Paul Kassel
Managing Director

TPJ in Transition


Our founding editor, Michael Counts, has retired.  I have recently been appointed Interim Dean.  TPJ needs help.  We are seeking a new editor and managing editor.  Recent discussions at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education within the Acting Program found some interest and batted around some ideas, but to date, we have not figured out the way forward.

We are a small operation, depending on you–actors and acting teachers.  Many of us see the need, the necessity, for TPJ.  But time is precious for everyone, and what we’re trying to do is outside some people’s familiarity.

We are a community of actors and teachers who want to be in charge of the conversation about who we are, what we do, and how we do it.  We, as a community, determine what is to be said, how to say, and whether it is worth being said.  Traditional forms of scholarship are only ONE way, and perhaps not the best way, to talk about what we do.  But until we do talk about it, with some coherence and in agreed upon terms, it will be hard for anyone outside our domain to take it very seriously.

Please post a comment and let us know what you think.

Paul Kassel
Managing Editor

MFA Students! Submit your work or thesis in progress!

If you’re an MFA student, TPJ is the ideal place to test your ideas, add to the conversation about acting, and also earn a publication credit.  Send queries to Paul Kassel–


What would you like to see made available here on TPJ?  Verb lists?  Scenes for study?  Hot new plays?

Just let us know.  Add you comment below and we’ll see that it gets up here.

New Article!

Creating Their Own Stories: A College Production’s Exploration into the World of Myth and Drama

by Dana Tarantino, Ph.D.

Call for Articles

What are you doing? Are you writing about your practice? Is your practice changed by economic conditions? How can TPJ help be part of the discussion?

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